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To strengthen public and governmental awareness of choral activities, plans and achievements.

To serve as a communication resource for everyone involved in choral singing.

To develop an appreciation for choral music throughout South Africa.

To encourage choral music education and creativity through workshops and mentoring. The Society arranges courses consisting of training both singers and conductors, with the purpose of developing and raising the quality of amateur choir music. 

To develop co-operation between the SACS and other foreign Choral Associations and Music Organizations by means of creating and supporting contacts between friends, choirs and arranging singing events.

To add Southern African Choral Music to the International Database of Musica International (MIWSA)

To achieve financial stability.

About SACS

Founded in 1983, the South African Choral Society is South Africa’s only learned organization for choral conductors and choirs. It is a non-profit organization that provides a national voice for some 150 conductors and 90 choirs across the country. Through its activities, projects and publications, SACS promotes choral music at all levels throughout South Africa, and supports and encourages the writing and performance of South African Choral Music. As major communication forum for the choral musicians across the country, SACS also provides professional development opportunities and acts as a liaison with other international music organizations.

A large number of amateur choirs play an important role in South Africa’s musical life. They do not only offer opportunities for musical leisure activities to many people, but also assume important functions in organizing the public musical life in cities and communities. Through their performances they participate in important social and cultural events. In addition, they organize many concerts in their own churches and schools. We aim to support these amateur choirs in South Africa.

Many new initiatives are underway this year so check our website regularly for news and new options to promote the choral arts in all regions of South Africa and abroad.

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Event Date & Time Venue Details
SACS Constitutional Review Working Committee Your input welcome ! SACS members are invited to join our Google Group "sachoralsociety" Submit your thoughts & suggestions via the 'Contact Us' form below!(see below)
Online Members' Directory ongoing Current members are invited to submit their web-site URL to the SACS Executive Committee via the 'Contact Us' form below!
McLachlan XII Choral Music Workshop date to be confirmed - postponed till early 2009 University of Pretoria SACS marks it's 25th Anniversary with the 12th Phillip McLachlan Choral Music Workshop in collaboration with UP Arts as part of the University of Pretoria's official Centenary Celebrations

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Contact us

For more information, please phone us at 083 458 2589 or complete the form below.

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Current Members Include:

Cantare Children's Choir - Southern Gauteng, South Africa

Mpumalanga / Highveld Youth Choir - Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Is your choir a members of SACS but your website is not listed here?

Please let us know what your website details are by completing the online form above. SACS works on a system of link-reciprocity. We will gladly include a link to your website from ours if you include a link from your website to ours as well.

For more about becoming a member, please contact:

Riaan Voster at 079 039 8050 (+27 79 039 8050) or send us a fax to 0865 166 818 (+27 865 166 818).

Alternately, download a membership form (see link below), complete it and return to us:

South African Choral Society Membership Form [MS Word format]

The membership fee for 2008 has been set at R200 per member per year.

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